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[NUBIN] – Crafting innovative and sustainable GRC and GRP facades.

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Architectural Design and Engineering Services

Customized Facade Design: Our team of architects specializes in creating unique and visually stunning GRC and GRP facade designs tailored to your project requirements. Structural Engineering: We provide in-depth structural engineering services to ensure the integrity and safety of GRC and GRP components in your facade see more...

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3D Modeling and Visualization

Digital Representation: Experience your project come to life through our advanced 3D modeling and visualization services, offering a detailed preview of your GRC and GRP facade design. see more...

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Custom Fabrication Services

Tailored Production: Our expert craftsmen excel in precision molding and customized fabrication, ensuring that GRC and GRP components meet the exact specifications of your design. see more...

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Material Testing and Certification

Comprehensive Testing: We conduct thorough material testing for strength, durability, and fire resistance, ensuring that our GRC and GRP facades adhere to industry standards and local building codes. see more...

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Project Management Services

Stakeholder Coordination: Our dedicated project management team ensures seamless coordination with all stakeholders, from concept to completion, ensuring timely delivery and budget adherence. see more...

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Maintenance and Repair Services

Ongoing Maintenance Plans: Extend the lifespan of your GRC and GRP facades with our tailored maintenance plans, designed to keep your project in optimal condition. Repair Services: Swift and efficient repair services for any damaged or worn facade components. see more...

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Sustainable Design Consultancy

Eco-friendly Practices: Embrace sustainable design with our consultancy services, incorporating recycled materials and energy-efficient solutions into your GRC and GRP facade projects. see more...

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Lighting Design Services

Accent and Dynamic Lighting: Enhance the visual appeal of your facade with our lighting design solutions, offering accent and dynamic lighting effects to showcase your GRC and GRP elements. Energy-efficient Design: We integrate energy-efficient lighting technologies to ensure environmentally conscious and cost-effective facade solutions. see more...

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Acoustic Consultancy

Sound Insulation Design: Address specific acoustic requirements with our acoustic consultancy services, designing GRC and GRP facades that provide optimal sound insulation for your project. see more...

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Digital Integration and Smart Facade Solutions

Automated Shading Systems: Explore the future of facades with our digital integration services, incorporating automated shading systems and smart technologies for dynamic and responsive GRC and GRP facades. see more...

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How we do

TA fresh approach to financial services for entrepreneurs


To redefine facade aesthetics, promote sustainability, and lead in GRC & GRP innovation.


Implement cutting-edge designs, embrace eco-friendly practices, and foster creative collaboration.


Execute projects with precision, invest in sustainable solutions, and drive industry advancements.










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Jonathon doe

Director, art media

Exceptional craftsmanship! NUBIN turned our vision into reality with their expertise in GRC and GRP facades. Truly impressed with their dedication to quality.

Jonathon doe

Director, art media

A sustainable partner! NUBIN not only delivers stunning GRC and GRP facades but also aligns seamlessly with our commitment to eco-friendly construction. Outstanding collaboration!

Ben Stokes

CTO, Mastermind

Innovative solutions! NUBIN surpassed our expectations in GRC and GRP facade design. Their ability to blend creativity and functionality is commendable. A reliable partner for any project.

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Explore excellence in GRC & GRP facades. Innovative, precise, sustainable.

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Tailored Production

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Stakeholder Coordination

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Ongoing Maintenance Plans

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Accent and Dynamic Lighting

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Automated Shading Systems

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